Im flugzeug/ In flight

After a day in Los Angeles I am on a shiny new Lufthansa 747 800 series heading for Frankfurt. I am next to a German business man, we both annex parts of the spare seat between us. I take the leg room, he takes the seat for his lap top and papers. Despite the chance to stretch out I cant sleep and trawl the movie options. I select a Mads Mikkelsen spy thriller called Move on. And so he does, across 8 European cities trashing mobile phones and German cars with abandon. It has the requisite briefcase of secrets, million Euros exchange, where else ? but in Alexanderplatz Berlin, where I am heading for. Note to self: buy trench coat for spy thriller moments in Berlin, and for the weather, its going to be 7 degrees Celsius on the ground when we land. Brrrr.

Essential preparation

One week to go  until I am immersed in German language learning. So essential preparation – re-watch favourite German films – Run Lola Run, check, Goodbye Lenin, check, The Lives of Others, check, November Kind, check, Whiskey mit Vodka, check. And of course re-watch the Bourne Supremacy set in Berlin. (The latter  less cultural and more action film junkie motivation I confess).