You say you want a revolution ? Records and Rebels V & A Museum London

This one is for the baby boomers out there. Today was the opening of the 1960s colossus of a V and A Museum exhibition in London.

Unlike the Underwear Exhibition I had shelled out for recently, which was over in a quick corset summary, this exhibition is the bonus edition.

I emerged after 90 minutes completely and utterly overloaded with icons, images, fashion, sounds and philosophies of the 1960s. And ready to go back in again.

Once inside the exhibition its like being at a silent dance party as toe tapping visitors enjoy the top tunes of the era in supplied head sets.

We view the Beatles Paul and John’s hand written songs, see original Carnaby St fashion with Twiggy, celebrity photography, art, consumer advertising and then move on to more sombre themes.

Self expression repression, the Vietnam war, black politics, feminism and gay issues all form thought provoking sections of the exhibit.

On the lighter side are two of original Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Heart Band costumes and a special room full of Woodstock footage played up three high walls.

Bean bags are supplied for you to slouch into and enjoy the show. Whilst on a stage in front is Keith Moon’s drum kit.

We file through the last part covering some technology with space travel, computer precursors and the counter culture, until the last exhibit, John Lennon’s cordoroy jacket and the words to Imagine.

The Imagine sound track engulfs me as I exit and I have to compose myself a bit, before I turn my head set in to the museum attendant.